Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Personnel Health Requirements

**The personnel involved in Production are required to be free from serious illness, Infective diseases, dermatological disorders, open lesions & to be physically fit & healthy.
**Regular medical check ups of the personnel are carried out to ensure their general health.
**The personnel working in sterile area are monitored for common cold, fever or other infective symptoms and in such a case the personnel is removed from Sterile area / Manufacturing area till they recover from this disorder.

Personnel Hygiene

**The personnel are trained & are made to understand the effect of personal
hygiene on the Product Quality.
**The personnel are required to undergo regular Body wash ,Nail cleaning,
**Hair cut & other Hygienic necessities.
**The Production Personnel wear the Aprons only, which include Head ,Face Hand ,Arm covering and Foot covers and the personnel are required to be clean
**Facilities including Toilets , Change rooms, Separate lockers are available,
for the personnel after specified period of time.
**Carrying of food materials ,Tobacco, Smoking materials or any other materials
which can affect product are strictly prohibited in the production area.

First aid facilities

**First aid facilities are available for the personnel in case of an Accident or Injury.

Personnel Safety

**Personnel are trained for 'Fire -Fighting' & to handle accidental incidents like electric shocks ,chemical injuries, gas leakage, handling of Hazardous & Explosive materials.


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