Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The Buildings are designed, constructed ,adapted & maintained to suit the manufacturing operation so as to permit production of Drugs under Hygienic conditions, in accordance with the condition laid down with Factories Act 1948 and Pollution control Act etc.
The construction of the premises is RCC based. The walls and floors of the General production areas are protected so as to have an easily cleaned , smooth ,non porous surfaces , free from crevices and ledges . The walls and floors have coving at the floor / wall intersection. The walls and ceilings are protected with non gritty ,water washable paints.
The ceiling posses concealed light fittings, in case of surface mounted lighting units they are mounted in such a way to be cleaned conveniently. The penetration through ceilings by pipes and ducts are properly sealed. The Walls , Floors and Ceilings are coated with EPOXY COATINGS with Pest Control System , so as to have smooth , crevice free , grip free & easy to clean surfaces and for prevention of Dust accumulation. The intersection of floors and walls, ceilings & walls posses coving. All the production areas are made adequately water proofed.

Ventilation System
Separate ventilation system is provided for Beta Lactum ,non Beta Lactum , Tablets , Capsules , Liquid Orals production areas and various area there in. Separate individual ventilation system is provided for packing belt and Blister Packing Area ,Washing Area of the Beta Lactum production Area.


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