Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The Quality management system is established with an understanding that ' roduct quality as well as Performance quality 'are crucial in the long term survival of the Organization.
The Quality Management System stresses upon the following key aspects
1. Process capabilities: The Products are produced so that they authenticate to the Product Specifications' this is achieved through utilization of validated systems,Processes & Equipments.
2. Operating System : The operating systems are designed to have minimum variation on accounts of ' People , Materials Machines & Equipments ' through trained qualified personnel, procurement of Raw / Packing materials through critically selected vendors, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Standard Test Procedures. 'Specification limits i.e., Upper Specification Limit (USL) & Lower Specification Limit (LSL) are fixed and documented for every product & the product conforming to this specifications only are released for Distribution / Sale by the Quality Assurance Department. The Machines and Equipment undergoes regular preventive Maintenance & Calibration programs , the utilities like steam ,gases , de mineralized water, distilled water & the area environment are kept under strict quality monitoring
3. Acceptance Sampling : Acceptance sampling is followed and is based on a systematic plan that prescribe how to sample Raw materials / Finished products ,which plays a major role to bring the product upto the desired product quality level.Thus a ' sampling plan ' specifies the number of samples to be collected.
4. Quality motivation : Program to motivate personnel to improve quality and productivity are utilized . for eg., Appreciation in performance appraisals , appreciation through increments. Training program are run in order to improve skills knowledge and morals of the personnel. ' Quality Audits ' are performed at regular intervals by a self inspection team comprising of representatives from Quality assurance ' , Production maintenance and Personnel departments which ensure that the SOPs are being followed by all the trained staff accordingly and suggest any modification / revisions in the same. Other aspects like environmental monitoring, quality of product, sanitation are considered at priority.


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