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Noble Cause


We are Trichy based public limited, professionally managed pharmaceutical company backed up by a competent management and are in the business of welfare of humanity and relief of human sufferings.

Novel was formed as a private limited firm in 1994, to trade formulations through out Tamil Nadu. Novel started its manufacturing in 1998,then step ahead to manufacture its own formulations at Trichy , Tamil Nadu Mar’2000.It became a limited company in Dec '2001. The funds were used to finance the expansion cum modernization of the Company's plants at Trichy . The Company going for its own R&D centre viz. Novel Drugs Advanced Research centre (NODARC), to be located at Trichy,.

The company got its corporate office and registered office situated at CHENNAI. Both the offices and Manufacturing units are linked with each other through latest advanced communication system like Internet , E mail & Fax etc., The company is equipped with a well developed and well coordinated physical distribution network with efficient infra structure and intermediaries supported by energetic marketing/ sales force.

We are fast growing Manufacturing – Exporter of Pharmaceutical Products in India The operation of the company started in the year 1994. In all these years the brand building exercise was done through careful nurturing & development of the products and field forces. As such the products are well recognized by the Medical Profession and Trade peoples in India and South Asian countries.

“Growth through excellence” is the watchword of this company. The quest for innovation and diversification has been evidenced by numerous successfully implemented strategies and projects, which bear testimony to the glorious achievement of this company.


With great intrepidity, Novel Drugs Limited ., a new generation Pharmaceutical company of 2000’s has excellently leaped into the new millennium with many achievements to its credit in shortest possible time. With an ambrosial past, it aims to excel in future, reaffirming the commitment and confirmed services to the Health Care Industry the world over.

The factory is presently situated at Trichy in South India more than 100 employees and has been awarded the prestigious cGMP certificate of WHO standards for all the products by the Central Drug Authority and will comply with the future government regulations.

NOVEL has resolved to produce only products of highest quality standards to cater to the increasing needs of the pharmaceutical sectors. With the most modern factory, confirming to cGMP as prescribed by WHO,NOVEL manufacturing tablets, liquid orals and capsules .The production procedures are in line with the current good manufacturing practices. All the products are rigidly scrutinized by efficient staff and stringent quality assurance


Existing product range will be valid beyond 2010 market demand
Wide distribution network already well established.
Trained marketing forces spread across the four southern states.
Introducing additional new formulations which enjoy a market share of roughly 6% of the total industry.
Manufacturing facilities to match international standards with approved icenses.
Adequate installed capacity to suit the change market trend and proposed additional Facilities for manufacturing as well as R&D at Chennai.
Confidence of the investors.
Well-defined marketing strategy.
Thrust on exports aimed to reduce ultimate production cost.
Establishment of agency network abroad.
A renowned marketing consulting group.


a. Domestic – Achieving Business through Tamil Nadu Marketing and Rest of India. The roducts includes Life Saving Drugs (LIFE TIME DRUGS) like Anti diabetic drugs, Cardiac drugs, psychotropic Drugs, Long Term TherapyDrugs like Post Surgical Antibiotics, Anti Asthmatics, Anti Arthritis, Short Term Therapy Drugs such as Analgesic, Antipyretic, Anti inflammatory, Anti histamines, Nutritional Supplements like Iron, Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins.

b. Export – Achieving Export Business from Srilanka (Both Brand and Generic Products), Nepal & Myanmar (Products Under Registration)

c. Institution – We are supplying products to
TNMSC , Tamil Nadu
APH & MHIDC , Andra Pradesh
NIMHANS , Bangalore
OHSDP , Orissa
JIPMER , Pondy

d) Job work – We are doing Job works for the following companies:
Mankind Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Zeus Pharmaceuticals
Allentis Pharmaceuticals
Indian Nutraceuticals


The Quality management system is established with an understanding that ' roduct quality as well as Performance quality 'are crucial in the long term survival of the Organization.
The Quality Management System stresses upon the following key aspects
1. Process capabilities: The Products are produced so that they authenticate to the Product Specifications' this is achieved through utilization of validated systems,Processes & Equipments.
2. Operating System : The operating systems are designed to have minimum variation on accounts of ' People , Materials Machines & Equipments ' through trained qualified personnel, procurement of Raw / Packing materials through critically selected vendors, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Standard Test Procedures. 'Specification limits i.e., Upper Specification Limit (USL) & Lower Specification Limit (LSL) are fixed and documented for every product & the product conforming to this specifications only are released for Distribution / Sale by the Quality Assurance Department. The Machines and Equipment undergoes regular preventive Maintenance & Calibration programs , the utilities like steam ,gases , de mineralized water, distilled water & the area environment are kept under strict quality monitoring
3. Acceptance Sampling : Acceptance sampling is followed and is based on a systematic plan that prescribe how to sample Raw materials / Finished products ,which plays a major role to bring the product upto the desired product quality level.Thus a ' sampling plan ' specifies the number of samples to be collected.
4. Quality motivation : Program to motivate personnel to improve quality and productivity are utilized . for eg., Appreciation in performance appraisals , appreciation through increments. Training program are run in order to improve skills knowledge and morals of the personnel. ' Quality Audits ' are performed at regular intervals by a self inspection team comprising of representatives from Quality assurance ' , Production maintenance and Personnel departments which ensure that the SOPs are being followed by all the trained staff accordingly and suggest any modification / revisions in the same. Other aspects like environmental monitoring, quality of product, sanitation are considered at priority.


The Buildings are designed, constructed ,adapted & maintained to suit the manufacturing operation so as to permit production of Drugs under Hygienic conditions, in accordance with the condition laid down with Factories Act 1948 and Pollution control Act etc.
The construction of the premises is RCC based. The walls and floors of the General production areas are protected so as to have an easily cleaned , smooth ,non porous surfaces , free from crevices and ledges . The walls and floors have coving at the floor / wall intersection. The walls and ceilings are protected with non gritty ,water washable paints.
The ceiling posses concealed light fittings, in case of surface mounted lighting units they are mounted in such a way to be cleaned conveniently. The penetration through ceilings by pipes and ducts are properly sealed. The Walls , Floors and Ceilings are coated with EPOXY COATINGS with Pest Control System , so as to have smooth , crevice free , grip free & easy to clean surfaces and for prevention of Dust accumulation. The intersection of floors and walls, ceilings & walls posses coving. All the production areas are made adequately water proofed.

Ventilation System
Separate ventilation system is provided for Beta Lactum ,non Beta Lactum , Tablets , Capsules , Liquid Orals production areas and various area there in. Separate individual ventilation system is provided for packing belt and Blister Packing Area ,Washing Area of the Beta Lactum production Area.


1. Tablet , Capsule ,Liquid Orals Production Area
Separate production area for Tablet , Capsule & Liquid Orals. Facilities , advanced equipments are installed to conform with the WHO c GMP norms .The production area provides appropriate personnel and material flow.

2. Ware Housing- Separate Areas With Following Departments
(A) Receipt Bay
(B) Quarantine & Rejection area
(C) Raw material store for Beta and Non Beta lactum materials
(D) Dispensing area with dust control system
(E) Packing material store adjoining the label library
(F) Engineering and Miscellaneous items stores.
(G) Finished goods store with Recall room

3. Quality Assurance -Department Comprises Of
(A) Central Quality Control Laboratory with Instruments , Chemical In process
Quality Control ,Microbiological testing facility
(B) Documentation.
(C) Control samples and Stability.
(D) Validation Analysis
(E) Internal Quality Audits
(F) Culture disposal pit.

4. Documentation And Record System
Each Batch is processed under controlled series of In Process Checks which are recorded in the batch production records as per the Master formula Records . On completion of any batch the samples are checked by Quality Control Lab and released for finished goods transfer. All necessary details are recorded in batch production. The Batch is transferred to Finished Goods store for further distribution.


We have team of professionals of extra merits to take care of the plant activities were we adhere strictly to GMP Standards through validated systems. We have a specially designed training Centre to train the people for systems & performance in professionaly managed environment .Brief description of key technical professionals are as follows

Mr. V. Swaminathan
Designation : General Manager –Works
Qualification : B.Sc.,
Responsibilities : Overall (Plant In Charge)

Mr. V. Sathyamurthy
Designation : General Manager – Q.A / Q.C
Qualification : B.Pharm., A.I.C
Responsibilities : Q.A & Q.C

Mr. M.Kathiravan
Designation : Production Manager
Qualification : M.Pharm
Responsibilities : Production


Personnel Health Requirements

**The personnel involved in Production are required to be free from serious illness, Infective diseases, dermatological disorders, open lesions & to be physically fit & healthy.
**Regular medical check ups of the personnel are carried out to ensure their general health.
**The personnel working in sterile area are monitored for common cold, fever or other infective symptoms and in such a case the personnel is removed from Sterile area / Manufacturing area till they recover from this disorder.

Personnel Hygiene

**The personnel are trained & are made to understand the effect of personal
hygiene on the Product Quality.
**The personnel are required to undergo regular Body wash ,Nail cleaning,
**Hair cut & other Hygienic necessities.
**The Production Personnel wear the Aprons only, which include Head ,Face Hand ,Arm covering and Foot covers and the personnel are required to be clean
**Facilities including Toilets , Change rooms, Separate lockers are available,
for the personnel after specified period of time.
**Carrying of food materials ,Tobacco, Smoking materials or any other materials
which can affect product are strictly prohibited in the production area.

First aid facilities

**First aid facilities are available for the personnel in case of an Accident or Injury.

Personnel Safety

**Personnel are trained for 'Fire -Fighting' & to handle accidental incidents like electric shocks ,chemical injuries, gas leakage, handling of Hazardous & Explosive materials.


IBU- 400 TABS - Ibuprofen 400 mg Tablets
IBUCLOR TABS - Ibuprofen 400 mg +Paracetamol 325 mg + Chloroxazone 250 mg tablets
NIP TABS & SUSP. - Nimesulide 100 mg Tablets & 50mg / 5 ml Suspension
PAIR TABS - Paracetamol 500 mg + Ibuprofen 400 mg Tablets
PARASYP SUSPENSION - Paracetamol 125mg / 5ml Suspension
REVIVE FORTE TABS - Glucosamine 750 mg & Chondroitin 600 mg Tablets
REVIVE TABS - Glucosamine ,Chondroitin , MSM , Calcium With Vit D3 & Minerals Tablets
SERTIO 10 TABS - Serratiopeptidase 10 mg Tablets


ASTANIL 2 & 4 TABS - Salbutamol 2 mg & 4 mg Tablets
CETA 500 & 650 TABS / SYRUP - Paracetamol 500 mg & 650 mg tablets / Paracetamol 125 mg / 5ml Syrup
CONIL SYRUP - Phenylpropanalamine HCl 12.5mg , CPM 1mg , Paracetamol 250 mg / 5ml Syrup
CONIL TABS - Phenylpropanalamine HCl 25mg ,CPM 2mg ,Paracetamol 500 mg & Caffeine 30 mg tablets
NOCOFF SYRUP - Diphenhydramine HCl 14.0 mg ,Ammonium Chloride 138 mg,Sodium Citrate 57.03 Menthol 1.14 mg/ 5ml Syrup
RID SYP & TAB - Cetirizine HCl 5mg/5ml Syrup & 10 mg Tablets
SALBUTAM TABS/ SYRUP - Salbutamol 2mg & Ambroxol Hcl 30mg Tablets / Salbutamol 2mg ,Ambroxol Hcl 30mg ,Guaiphenesin 100mg& Menthol 5 mg/5ml Syrup
VENTIN SYP & TAB - Salbutamol 1 mg & Theophylline 50 mg / 5ml Syrup & Salbutamol 2 mg Theophylline 100 mg ablets


ALBAN SUSP. & TABS - Albendazole 400 mg Suspension & tablets
AMOCLAN-375 / 625 TABS - Amoxicillin 250 mg / 500 mg & Clavulante Potassium 125 mg Tablets
AMOPEN 250 & 500 CAPS. - Amoxillin 250 mg & 500 mg Capsules
AMPLOX CAPS - Ampicillin 250 mg & Cloxacillin 250 mg Capsules
AMROX TABS - Ambroxol HCl 30mg/ Roxithromycin 150mg
AZIT CAPS - Azithromycin 250 mg Capsules
CEFCAR-250 / 500 CAPS - Cefalexin 250 mg / 500 mg with Carbocisteine 150 mg & Lactic acid Bacilli 40 x 10^6 Capsules
CEFIM-100 / 200 CAPS - Cefixime 100 mg / 200 mg Capsules
CEPHAX 250 / 500 CAPS - Cephalexin 250 mg & 500 mg Capsules
CIPROX 250 / 500 TABS - Ciprofloxacin 250 mg & 500 mg Tablets
CIPROX TZ TABS - Ciprofloxacin 500 mg & Tinidazole 600 mg Tablets


DICAR – 50 / 100 TABS - Diethyl carbamazine citrate 50 mg / 100 mg tablets
DOX-DT TABS - Doxycycline monohydrate 100 mg tablets
ERYTH 250 / 500 TABS - Erythromycin 250 mg & 500 mg Tablets
FLUCAZ-50 / 150 MG TABS - Fluconazole 50 mg / 150 mg Tablets
GATIF 200 / 400 TABS - Gatifloxacin 200 mg & 400 mg Tablets
NOFUN 375 TABS - Griseofulvin 375 mg Tablets
NORF 400 TABS - Norfloxacin 400 mg Tablets
OFLOX - 200 / 400 TABS - Ofloxacin 200 mg / 400 mg Tablets
OFOR TABS - Ofloxacin 400 mg + Ornidazole 600 mg Tablets
RIDAM TABS / SYRUP - Cetirizine HCl 5mg + Ambroxol HCl 60mg Tablets/ Cetirizine HCl 2.5mg + Ambroxol HCl 30mg /5ml Syrup
ROX 50 / 150 TABS - Roxithromycin 50 & 150 mg Tablets


CARBOSE - 25 / 50 TABS - Acarbose 25 mg/ 50 mg Tablets
CRANIL CAPS - Alpha Lipoic Acid 133 mg , Inositol 250 mg & Chromium( as picolinate) 30 mcg Capsules
CROPIC - 200 / 500 CAPS - Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg & 500 mcg Capsules
GLIBE 5 TABS - Glibenclamide 5 mg Tablets
GLIB-M TABS - Glibenclamide 2.5 mg & Metformin 400 mg Tablets
GLIP 5 TABS - Glipizide 5 mg Tablets
GLIP M TABS - Glipizide 5 mg & Metformin 500 mg Tablets
GLIZ 80 TABS - Gliclazide 80 mg Tablets
GLIZ M TABS - Gliclazide 80 mg & Metformin 500 mg Tablets
METFOR 500 TABS - Metformin 500 mg Tablets


ALPRAZ- 0.5 TABS - Alprazolam 0.5 mg Tablets
FLOX 20 CAPS - Fluoxatine 20 mg Capsules
RISP 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 TABS - Risperidone 1mg , 2 mg , 3 mg & 4 mg Tablets
SERT 50 / 100 TABS - Sertraline 50 mg & 100 mg Tablets


DOBCAL CAPS - Calcium Dobesilate Monohydrate 500 mg Capsules


CARDIL 30 / 60 TABS - Diltiazem 30 mg & 60 mg Tablets
DIPYRID 25 / 100 TABS - Dipyridamole 25 mg & 100 mg Tablets
ENAP 5 TABS - Enalapril maleate 5 mg Tablets
ENAP A TABS - Enalapril maleate 5 mg & Amlodipine Besilate 5 mg
LOSARK 25 / 50 - Tabs Losartan Potassium 25 mg / 50 mg Tablets
NICOT 125 / 250 - Tabs Nicotinic acid (Vitamin B3 ) 125 mg & 250 mg Tablets
NOTEN 50 TABS - Atenolol 50 mg Tablets


MUGARD SUSP - Sucralfate 1 gm / 10 ml Suspension
LOCID GEL - Dried Al.Hydroxide 291 mg , Magnesium Hydroxide 98 mg & Oxethazine 10 mg / 5ml Suspension
ANGEL SUSP - Dried Al.Hydroxide 250 mg ,Magnesium Hydroxide 250 mg & Simethicone 5 mg / 5ml
OMEP - M TABS - Omeprazole Magnesium 20 mg Tablets
OMEP 20 CAPS - Omeprazole 20 mg Capsules
PANDOM CAPS - Pantoprazole 40 mg with Domperidone 30 mg Capsules
PANTOZ 40 TABS - Pantoprazole 40 mg Tablets
RANIT 150 / 300 TABS - Ranitidine 150 mg & 300 mg Tablets


SILYM SUSP/SILYM - B CAPS - Silymarin 35mg / 5ml Syrup & Silymarin 70 mg with Vitamin B Complex Capsules


MCHC equ to Calcium 133 mg & Phosphorus 66 mg per Tablet & 5 ml of Susp /
MCHC equ to Calcium 178 mg & Phosphorus 90 mg per Tablet
DIGEZYM CAPS / SYRUP - Diastase 50mg , Pepsin 10mg & Simethicone 50mg Capsules / Diastase 50mg & Pepsin 10mg /5ml Syrup
FEZVIT CAPS / SYRUP - Haematinic with Iron , Zinc , L-Lysine , Folic acid , Vit B12 & Vit C capsules / syrup
NUROVIT TABS / SYRUP & NUROVIT OD TABS - Mecobalamine 500 mcg per Tabs & 5ml of Syrup / Mecobalamine 1500 mcg / Tab
VB LAC CAPS - Lactobacillus sporogenes with Vitamin B complex capsules
ZEAL – PD SYRUP - Anti oxidants , Vitamins ,Minerlas & Amino acids syrup
ZEAL - TD TABS - Anti oxidants , Vitamins & Minerals tablets
ZIBEC CAPS / SYRUP - Zinc With Vitamin B Complex & Vitamin C Capsules & Syrup
ZIVIP SYRUP - Zinc , Iron With Vitamin B Complex & Protein Syrup


1 Albendazole Suspension USP
2 Alprazolam Tablets IP 0.5 Mg
3 Alprazolam Tablets IP 0.25mg
4 Alprazolam Tablets IP 1mg
5 Aluminium Hydroxide Tablets IP 500 Mg
6 Aluminium Hydroxide Tablets Nfi
7 Aminophylline Tablets IP 100 Mg
8 Amitriptyline Tablets IP 10 Mg
9 Amitriptyline Tablets IP 25mg
10 Amitriptyline Tablets IP 75 Mg
11 Antacid Gel
12 Aspirin Tablets IP 150 Mg
13 Aspirin Tablets IP 300 Mg
14 Aspirin Tablets IP 75mg
15 Atenolol Tablets IP 50mg
16 Atenolol Tablet IP 100mg
17 Betamethasone Tablets IP 0.5mg
18 Cetirizine Dihydrochloride B.P Tablet
19 Cetirizine Hydrochloride Syrup
20 Chlorpheniramine Maleate Tablets IP 4 Mg
21 Ciprofloxacin Tablets IP 250 Mg
22 Ciprofloxacin Tablets IP 500mg
23 Clomiphene Tablets BP 25 Mg
24 Clomiphene Tablets BP 50mg
25 Co-Trimoxazole Oral Suspension IP
26 Dexamethasone Tablets IP 0.5mg
27 Diazepam Tablets IP 10mg
28 Diazepam Tablets IP 5 Mg
29 Dicyclomine Hcl Tablets 10 Mg
30 Diethyl Carbamazinecitrate Tablets IP 100 Mg
31 Diltiazem Tablets IP 30 Mg
32 Diltiazem Tablets IP 60 Mg
33 Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Syrup BP
34 Domiperidone Tablets BP 10 Mg
35 Doxycycline Capsule BP 100 Mg
36 Doxycycline Tablet Usp
37 Enalapril Maleate Tablets IP 10mg
38 Enalapril Maleate Tablets IP 2.5mg
39 Enalapril Maleate Tablets IP 5mg
40 Ethambutol Tablets IP 200 Mg
41 Ethambutol Tablets IP 400mg
42 Ethambutol Tablets IP 800 Mg
43 Frusemide Tablets IP 40 Mg
44 Glibenclamide Tablets IP 1.5mg
45 Glibenclamide Tablets IP 2.5 Mg
46 Glibenclamide Tablets IP 5 Mg
47 Gliclazide Tablets BP 40 Mg
48 Gliclazide Tablets BP 80 Mg
49 Glipizide Tablets BP 2.5 Mg
50 Glipizide Tablets BP 5 Mg
51 Ibuprofen Tablets IP 600 Mg
52 Ibuprofen Tablets IP 200 Mg
53 Ibuprofen Tablets IP 400 Mg
54 Imipramine Tablets IP 25 Mg
55 Imipramine Tablets IP 50 Mg
56 Imipramine Tablets IP 75 Mg
57 Indomethacin Capsules IP 25mg
58 Lithium Carbonate Tablets IP 250mg
59 Lopramide Tablets Usp 2 Mg
60 Metformin Tablets IP 500 Mg
61 Methyldopa Tablets IP 250 Mg
62 Metronidazole Benzoate Oral Suspension IP
63 Nifedipine Capsules IP 5mg
64 Nitrazepam Tablets IP 10 Mg
65 Nitrazepam Tablets IP 5 Mg
66 Norfloxacin Tablets IP 400mg
67 Omeprazole Capsules IP 10 Mg
68 Omeprazole Capsules IP 20 Mg
69 Paracetamol Syrup IP
70 Paracetamol Tablets IP 650 Mg
71 Paracetamol Tablets IP 500 Mg
72 Prednisolone Tablets IP 5 Mg
73 Procyclidine Tablets BP 2.5mg
74 Procyclidine Tablets BP 5 Mg
75 Promethazin Oral Suspension
76 Pyrazinamide Tablets IP 500 Mg
77 Ranitidine Tablets IP 300 Mg
78 Ranitidine Tablets IP 150mg
79 Salbutamol Syrup IP
80 Salbutamol Tablets IP 2 Mg
81 Salbutamol Tablets IP 4 Mg
82 Sparfloxacin Tablets 100 Mg
83 Sparfloxacin Tablets 200 Mg
84 Sparfloxacin Tablets 400 Mg
85 Thioridazine Tablets IP 100 Mg
86 Thioridazine Tablets IP 5 mg
87 Thioridazine Tablets IP 10 mg
88 Thioridazine Tablets IP 25 mg